What to wear after a spray tan so your skin looks perfectly sun kissed

Spray tans are the best when you want that sun-kissed glow quick and without the harmful UV rays! But, I bet you want to know what to wear after a spray tan appointment so you can maximize the results of your tan. We are going to share exactly what to do right after your tan and what to wear.  You’ll be able to rock your newly tanned skin with confidence starting the minute you walk out of your tan session. 

What to wear after a spray tan

You want to look your best after getting a spray tan, but what you wear immediately after can make or break the final result. Maybe you’re also wondering how soon you can take your first shower after your tanning session so you don’t wash away your gorgeous glow. Don’t worry friends! I’ve had hundreds of spray tans and I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned! I’m going to share all the tan tips and tricks to help prolong your glowy color. You’ll leave your tanning appointment ready to show off your beautiful tanned self. This post is all about what to wear after a spray tan!

Can I wear normal clothes after a spray tan?

Depends of your definition of “normal clothes!” HAHAHA! For reals, though, the answer is yes, but not immediately. The purpose of spray tanning is to stay tanned for as many days or even weeks if possible, right? So the short answer is you want to stay away from any tight clothing right after you spray tan, and the entire day of your spray so your tan can set so to speak! Although you will be dry, you might still have a little bit of stickiness, and you don’t want your clothes to be so tight they pull off any color from your tan.

Think of it like getting a manicure. Although your nails are dry after you leave the salon, you still like to let the polish set for an hour or so after, amiright? Just to make sure your manicure lasts. The same thing goes for your spray tan!

What should you not wear after a spray tan?

To make sure you are getting the best spray possible and extending the life of your tan, there are some definite no-no’s after! When it comes to your spray tan, no tight clothes, no leggings! Tight clothes will ruin your beautiful tanned skin. You 1000% want to stay away from jeans! I’d suggest no bra either, or if you must, a strapless bra. No sneakers, or socks! Also want to stay away from white colors (your tan will bleed at first and it will turn your white clothes brown). Choose dark clothes!

Okay, It’s story time friends! When I had a spray tan before my wedding (which was last May), I made sure to do a couple of things so there would be no V.T.L. (visible tan lines) and I would have optimal results. Here are the steps I took:

  • let my entire body completely dry off after my spray
  • after the tan wore dark underwear (a black thong), loose, baggy shorts, a relaxed sleeveless tank top; no bra
  • slip-on sandals

My wedding dress had a low cut back, so I could not have visible bra strap lines, and also, I had very strappy open heels, so I didn’t want any ugly tan lines. Everything worked. To summarize, you want loose clothing, dark clothing, no bra, and slip-on sandals. Again, NO TIGHT CLOTHES!!!

Can I wear a bra after spray tanning?

Nope! I know it might sound weird, but for the best results, you really want to avoid any kind of top that will stick to your skin, or show those strap marks. Especially if you have an event coming up where you want to show off your upper body, back, or shoulders. If this is your first spray or you just don’t feel comfortable with THOSE body parts exposed, then you could opt for a strapless bra. You just as little as possible sticking to your skin until that first rinse.

What to wear after a spray tan

When can I wear leggings after a spray tan?

Leggings right after are a no! Personally, I think it’s best to wait until after you have showered for the first time to put on anything tight like leggings. You want all the stickiness to be removed so that the material from your leggings doesn’t adhere to your skin and cause any type of uneven tan or blotchiness on your skin. When in doubt always remember loose-fitting clothes!

What shoes can you wear after a spray tan?

No sneakers or socks! I know that might seem like a no-brainer but please please don’t wear them. The reason being is that you just want to make sure you don’t have anything tight anywhere your spray tan is. We recommend slip-on sandals –these adidas shower slippers are perfect!

How long after a spray tan before you can put clothes on?

After you get a spray tan, it is best to completely dry before putting on clothes. We consider this part of the tanning process. The reason is, that this is the best way to ensure that the tan solution and tan formula set on your skin and doesn’t adhere to anything other than your skin.

Typically your tan is still wet for several minutes after your tanning professional is done spraying you. The spray tanner should give you a hose that has some hot fresh air blowing out of it and you can point that toward your skin. We’d recommend starting on your upper body, pointing the nozzle toward your skin. Then in a swift up and down movement, take the nozzle up and down your arms several times. Repeat the pattern with the blower over your upper body, back then legs. I typically do this about 3 full times which takes approximately 5-10 minutes after the tan. Assuming you had proper tan preparation (read about that here), you will be setting yourself up for spray tan success!

When to shower after a spray tan

When to shower after a spray tan?

A general rule of thumb is that it is best not to shower in the first 4-6 hours after your spray tan. Showering and scrubbing down before the final color has had an opportunity to set (aka the development time) on your skin can cause the spray to look weird. Showering too soon may also cause the color to appear splotchy, and have tan marks. The last thing you want is your tan to look unevenly distributed over your body.

If you can handle it, a great way to let your tan set in and extend the life of the tan is to not shower until the morning after. I know this can be gross, but if you showered and prepared correctly as we chatted about in the post Spray tan 101: What to wear to a spray tan and what not to wear, then you should be so fresh and so clean right before your tan.

Just make sure if you do sleep overnight before showering, you have dark bed sheets (black is best IMO).  I’ve listed my favorite sheets in black and personally use them every time I spray tan, summer or winter. They are wrinkle, fade and most importantly stain resistant!  Of course, you want to wear loose baggy comfortable clothing to sleep in. My absolute favorites are these cotton modal pajamas in black! Black (or navy) works because your tan won’t stain your sleepwear that way!


What to wear after a spray tan to get the best result?

Typically the best thing to wear after your spray tan is the right clothes. For the best tan results, we’d recommend loose-fitting, breathable material. Natural fibers are great for this reason as they breathe easily. It’s also best to avoid wearing clothes that are skin tight or anything that could rub up against you and cause damage to your spray tan. Here are some examples of good items to change into after; dark-colored clothing, loose clothes, and slip-on sandals.

What to wear after a spray tan in winter time?

If you are getting your spray tan in the winter, or even just during cold weather, you will want to wear clothes that are a loose, relaxed fit. My favorite choices are baggy sweatpants with a loose-fitting sweatshirt. The good thing about the winter, it’s easier to leave the tanning salon without a bra and you don’t have to worry about sweating!

When can I wear leggings after a spray tan

What to wear after a spray tan in summer time?

When you’re getting a spray tan in summer, the important thing is to wear light and loose-fitting clothing, something that will allow your spray tan to set on your skin. I’d recommend loose pants if possible so you have no visible lines from the shorts. A relaxed tank top is great. Nothing tight! And, don’t forget the slip-on sandals. No flip-flops (they leave a line on the top of your foot) and obviously no sneakers! Another pro tip, if you can start your car before you leave your salon and run the air conditioner PRIOR to getting in the car, DO IT!!! The last thing you want to do is sweat! Sweat will leave streaks, and very possibly leave some uneven tan marks.

So there you have it, my friends! Although it might seem challenging to get a good spray tan, if you know what to do afterward then all your efforts will be worth it I promise.  You’ll have a beautiful dark color tan! By following our simple tips for what to wear after getting a spray tan, you can ensure that your tan lasts as long as possible. This blog post is all about what to wear after a spray tan.

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