The easiest DIY scarecrow costume: how to look like a farmyard favorite

Do you want to create a DIY scarecrow costume? We have 7 steps that will help you create a perfect staple Halloween costume with your own closet staples.

DIY Scarecrow costume

Halloween is quickly approaching and this is my very favorite holiday! And, I love putting together DIY Halloween costumes! My favorite way to do this is with craft supplies or items from a local thrift store!

And, I keep track of and document all of my creative projects including simple DIY Halloween costumes! Good news for y’all, if scarecrow vibes are what you are going for this Halloween, you’ve come to the right place! I am going to share how I created a scarecrow.

So, if you are looking for DIY scarecrow costume ideas, even if you think you have a lack of creativity, I am going to show you how to create this simple costume that will stand the test of time!

This post is all about how to create the easiest DIY scarecrow costume with items you already own.

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How to make a simple DIY Scarecrow costume

So when I started getting into Halloween, I found myself needing a last-minute costume for a Halloween party. And, ironically to this day, this homemade costume is still one of my favorites. It was not at all expensive because the easiest way to put this classic costume together was with items I had on hand. (And, TBH, I really didn’t have time to go shopping for a costume). I am going to share the 7 items you need to create this little scarecrow! Let’s jump in!

1. Jeans with holes in them or a trusty pair of overalls

One of the first things you will need for your DIY scarecrow costume is a pair of jeans with holes in them or a trusty pair of overalls. This will be the base of your costume so make sure you choose something that is comfortable and easy to move in. If you don’t have any jeans with holes in them, you could grab a pair in your closet and add some holes. I would put the holes in one (or both) of the knees, and upper thigh area.

2. Old flannel shirt or plaid top

The next thing you will need is an old flannel shirt or plaid top. This will be your scarecrow’s shirt so make sure it is a little bit baggy. If you don’t have an old flannel shirt, you could always grab one from a thrift store.

3. Tank top or bodysuit (to wear under your flannel)

If you are going to wear a baggy flannel shirt, you will also need a tank top or bodysuit to wear underneath. This will help keep you warm and will also add an extra layer of warmth if you are going to be outside. Of course, if it is too hot where you are, feel free to ditch the shirt. Sometimes Halloween has some hot temps and with this costume, layering can be to your benefit! 🙂

4. Straw hat or floppy hat

The next item you will need is a straw hat or floppy hat. This will be your scarecrow’s hat so make sure it is big enough to fit over your head. If you don’t have a straw hat, you could always use an old sun hat, just make sure it is a bucket-style hat. To jazz up my DIY scarecrow costume I flipped the front up and added a fake flower which leads us to our next step.

5. Fake flower

To add a little bit of flair to your DIY scarecrow costume, you will need a fake flower. This can be any color but I would recommend choosing something that goes well with the colors in your flannel shirt. I used a fake sunflower.

Once you have your fake flower, all you need to do is glue it onto the front of your hat. Now, maybe this isn’t a necessity, but you can easily get one outside (you could even use an old flowered pattern shirt). You could even run to a store like Michaels, hobby lobby, or dollar general!

6. Straw accents or hay or even acrylic yarn

The next item you will need is some straw accents or hay. This is what will give you that true scarecrow look. If you don’t have any straw, you could always use acrylic yarn. You can find this at any craft store like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or even the dollar store. ( I used some hay from my front porch’s hay bail that was part of the porch decoration).

Scary Scarecrow Costume

7. Brown boots

The last item you will need for your DIY scarecrow costume is a pair of brown boots. I would recommend wearing something that is comfortable and easy to walk in. I just wore an old pair of uggs that I had but you could also wear rain boots or even cowboy boots. Now that you all of your items, it is time to assemble your costume.

How do I attach straw to a scarecrow costume?

There are a few ways you can attach straw or hay to your costume. You can use safety pins, glue, or even tape. I would recommend using something that is not too heavy so that it doesn’t weigh down your costume. If you are using yarn, you can just tie it around the areas you want to add some straw. Here is a step by step of how I made the straw/hay work for my look:

  • You’ll want to put the straw, hay, or yarn in the holes on the jeans so you’re able to see where you need to add the straw once you actually have your jeans on. (You can see where I added mine in the picture below).
  • You will also want to lay out your straw or hay for your scarecrow hat! There’s an excellent reason for this! You are going to want to weave the straw in your hair! Don’t worry friends, this is not hard!! The easiest way to do this is to recommend putting your straw under a headband (I glued mine with a hot glue gun), but you don’t have to glue it! Or, you simply can just weave it into your hair! Remember, you don’t need a ton of straw to achieve the DIY scarecrow Halloween costume!
  • Lastly, add the straw/hay/yard to your shirt. I found that it was super important to have an oversized shirt so that it was easy to tie a knot in the front. So look through your flannel shirts and grab the oldest, most oversized one you have! This can be done with safety pins too. You’ll then want to add straw where you tie it to make sure you have a cohesive scarecrow look! You can see how I did this below!
DIY Scarecrow Costume Womens


How do you make a simple scarecrow costume?

The best part is all you need are a few items you most likely already own. Jeans with holes or overalls, a plaid shirt, some hay or straw; even yarn, and a hat are the most important items you need to achieve this look.

How do you make a DIY scarecrow costume scary?

This is up to you! To get a scary scarecrow costume, you can add some fake blood or even make a DIY mask to make your scarecrow costume truly unique. I used face makeup to achieve my scary scarecrow look! Get creative and have fun with it! This is the one day of the year you truly can’t go wrong with any look you create!

What homemade scarecrow costume accessories do you need?

The most important accessories you need for your DIY scarecrow costume are a hat, straw or hay, or yarn. You can even use plaid fabric patches as accessories and pin them on your jeans or overalls to really get into the scarecrow costume look!

If you’re looking for a fun, easy costume that will make everyone smile, look no further than the scarecrow. This DIY project can be completed in just a few simple steps using items you likely have around your house. So get creative and have some fun with it – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

This post was all about how to create a DIY scarecrow costume with items you already have!

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