What color shoe to wear with a red dress? 14 insanely cute options.

You have the perfect red dress, but you cannot figure out what color shoes to wear with THE red dress. I get it, red can be tough to know which shoe is going to pair best, I mean red isn’t exactly a neutral color! It’s a bold choice that exudes confidence and you don’t want to mess up your look with the wrong choice shoe! WE have great news friends! From white shoes (both white heels and sneakers), silver shoes, nude shoes, gold shoes, strappy sandals and even black boots, we’ve rounded up 14 colors and different styles you can wear with your red outfit! It’s up to you to decide which ones are the perfect shoes for your special occasion.

What color shoes to wear with a red dress


Can you wear white shoes with a red dress?

100% yes!  The holiday season is upon us my friends and I don’t know about you but nothing says festive more than red! It’s such a bright, cheery color and it’s wonderful for any gatherings you have this time of year.  It can, however be hard to know exactly what color shoes to wear with red.  It also can be hard to know which style works best!

White Heels FTW!

One of my favorite shoes to pair with red are white heels. They are a great unexpected choice during the winter season.   And, if Mrs. Claus can wear red and white, we can too, right?  I promise you, white pumps do not look Santa like! ????

White heels are a perfect combination with a red dress.  If you are putting on a red dress, you are wanting to let the dress be the show stopper.  White is a neutral color and it will let your dress do the talking- so to speak.  When in doubt, grab those white shoes as they pair perfectly with red.

White Sneakers with a casual red dress for a laid back look.

Sometimes, we just want to be laid back.  You can still opt for a red dress and a laid back look all at once! If you want a casual red dress look or if you are wearing a red sweater dress, you could wear a pair of white sneakers just like this look below! If you’re looking for spunk and comfort, sneakers give you both. Yes, Please!!!


White Sneakers with a red dress

What about a silver color shoe to wear with your red dress?

Silver shoes are a perfect way to glam up a red dress for your next special occasion.  When you add silver, you immediately have a sparkly option without doing anything except adding shoes, which obviously you have to wear, right?? HAHAHA! You could opt for a closed-toe silver shoe or a pair of silver heels. These are a great option with over 5,000 5 star reviews!

 A red dress with nude heels is an obvious choice.

One of the most obvious neutral colors to pair with your red dress would be nude shoes.  One fabulous benefit of nude is if you can find a shoe that is a close match to your skin tone, you’ll look like you have legs for day!  Seriously though, nude is the best shoe color to elongate the appearance of your leg.  You can’t go wrong with a nude shoe-I own these and they are adorable and comfortable!

These sandals are adorable and have the cutest heel! They’d go perfectly with any red dress.

Nothing says special occasion like a red dress and gold shoes.

That’s right, friends! A great choice for your red outfit is gold shoes! If you want to add some oomph to your favorite red dress a great combination is gold and red.  Nothing says “I am here for the party” quite like gold.  Another great option would be rose gold shoes.   These rose gold heels are so classy! Pair with some rose gold accessories and you’ll have the perfect look for your next red outfit!

Red dress and gold shoes

A bold red dress and strappy sandals are a perfect match.

Take a look in your closet and find your most glamorous pair of strappy sandals.  Sandals are one of the easiest ways to find a shoe to match your red outfit.  You could pick pretty much any color sandal to go with your dress, just make sure that if it’s for a special occasion, you choose some sandals with heels.

Strappy sandals


Add brown shoes for an unexpected color shoe to wear with a red dress.

Wondering what color shoe to wear with a red dress for work? A deep shade of brown is a perfect combination to pair with your red outfit for the office. Brown is a neutral color that can pair perfectly with red and not be too over the top for the office.  If you work for a company and have to go back into the office on occasion, you might as well enjoy wearing what you like. ???? And, if you like red, wear it and pair it with brown. Brown Shoes with red dress

Black pumps are always a great choice with a bold red dress!

If black pumps aren’t an obvious choice, I don’t know what is.  You can almost always pair black pumps with any dress or outfit and automatically you’ve classed it up.  Black heels with your red dress is perfect for any formal event and will always stand the test of time!  Truly, you cannot go wrong with black shoes.  Ever!

Black shoes with red dress

Black boots make the perfect accessory and are a perfect combination.

You can absolutely add a pair of boots to your red outfit. Boots and dresses are VERY on trend right now, and there is really no style that would be considered off limits.  You could add a pair of black bootie stilettos, or even a pair of black boots to the knee.  Even some over the knee boots could look sassy with the right red dress.  Don’t shy away from those black boots for your next special occasion.

Red dress black shoes

Metallic shoes are an easy color shoe to wear with a red dress.

We talked about gold shoes, silver shoes and even the unexpected choice of rose gold.  Grab your red cocktail dress and any color of metallic shoes would be a great choice.  Another fabulous choice would be metallic stiletto sparkly booties!!  Or, if you wanted to pair your red dress with gold studded heels, this would be a bold fashion statement but definitely not too over the top.  It’s such a cute look!

Red dress gold shoes

Blue Shoes? Wait, what?

YES friends! For an unexpected and super fun look, add a blue heel to your red outfit. I promise you, it works! Primary colors pair exceptionally well with red and we all know blue is a primary color! This is a choice that screams “Trendsetter coming through!” I promise if you choose a vibrant color of blue you’re outfit will be noticed and for all the right reasons!

Blue shoes with red dress

Red dress and green shoes?  Is this a holiday look only?

I get it, I really do. This pairing just feels a little too much like Buddy the Elf! ???? You can 1000% look so classy with green heels and a red dress. You just have to make sure you have the right color green! If you choose to pair green and red, make sure your shoes are dressy and in the correct color family as the red dress. If you have a deep red dress, you don’t want a super light green shoe. You’d want to choose an emerald green or deep green. Red and green, when paired together correctly is such a chic look!!

Red heels are a great color shoe to wear with your red dress!

Yes, you can!  Red on red totally works and nothing shows confidence more than a matchy matchy red on red color scheme! We all know that red is a sexy, confident color so why not add some red shoes?  One thing you might want to consider, red can be hard to match, so grab your dress when you are going shopping for your red shoes!

Red Heels and red dress

Animal Prints are always a fabulous choice!

Wait, aren’t animal prints a neutral print? HAHAHA! I know that they were once a new trend, but I am certain they are here to stay.  You can pair an animal print of any kind with your red dress and you have a fabulous spunky look for any special occasion!

animal print heels and red dress

So the moral of this post is there are very few color shoes you can’t wear with your red dress!  There are so many styles from high heels, to sandals to booties and even tall boots that will go with your red outfit.  For your next event, grab that daring red dress, let it be the star of the shoe and pair it with some red accessories and an unexpected shoe!


FAQs: What color shoe can you wear with a red dress?

Ahh friends there are SO. MANY.OPTIONS!  From white shoes, to nude shoes, to black heels, gold heels, silver shoes and so many other options!  You have so many options to choose from, you really can’t go wrong!

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