What to wear at home: 15 of the comfiest yet stylish choices

Looking for what to wear at home? We have 15 comfortable clothes that will be a good idea for zoom meetings and lounging around the house.

What to wear at home

What to wear at home is always a dilemma, especially when you want comfortable looks and a cute outfit. Well, worry no more! We’ve got 15 insanely comfortable yet stylish articles of clothing for you to try. From workout clothes to dress shirts, we’ve got you covered. So relax and scroll down to see what home outfits will work best for you!

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What to wear at home?

1. Workout Clothes

If you’re like me, then you probably love to lounge around in your workout clothes. They’re so comfortable and make you feel like you can conquer the world (or at least get a good sweat session in). Plus, they are a great idea on Zoom calls! We love these running shorts and high-neck yoga top!

2. Black Leggings

These have become a wardrobe staple for a reason. I mean, who doesn’t have a pair of black leggings in their closet? They go with everything and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. There is nothing better that gives maximum comfort to wear when sitting on hours of video calls than leggings. I like to pair mine with a cute top and sneakers for a put-together look that’s still comfortable and allows me to run from home to errands in a snap!

3. Long Cardigan

This is a great option for when you want to feel a little more put together but still be comfortable. An easy way I like to wear mine is over a tee shirt and with leggings. It’s also the perfect cover-up for when you need to run out of the house quickly and don’t have time to change! We are obsessed with this cable knit open-front long cardigan

4. Long-Sleeved Tees

What to wear at home

Long sleeves are ideal for when you want the comfort of a tee shirt but need to be a little more presentable. You can easily dress up this look with a necklace and earrings. I like to tuck mine into a pair of shorts in the summer or wear them with leggings and sneakers during cooler months. They also layer well under sweaters and jackets, making them perfect for chilly mornings sipping coffee on the back porch or evenings spent outside around the fire pit.

5. Dress Shirt

I am obsessed with my white button-down oversized dress shirt. Not only is it a perfect option to wear over leggings, but it is also a great choice for days when you want to feel a little more put together but not too over the top! It’s perfect if you have a big presentation or meeting and need to feel confident on zoom. It’s also perfect for layering under sweaters on cold days!

6. Flannel Shirt

We are pretty sure flannel shirts will never go out of style. And, what is wonderful about them, is that they can be worn at home all year round! I always have one draped over the back of my office chair! They are so comfortable with their soft fabric, yet can pull together any look. I like to wear mine over a bodysuit or fitted tee with leggings or jeans. You can also layer it under a sweater on colder days! Pairing it with shorts in the summer adds a layer of warmth, yet a total look of sophistication and class. You can do no wrong with a flannel shirt.

7. Oversized T-shirt

What to wear at home

We have been talking about how the oversized tees are literally everywhere lately. These are definitely part of that 90s trend, but lucky for all of us, a SUPER COMFY trend! This style of tee has become a go-to for many people and good reason! It’s so comfortable, typically made from soft materials, easy to wear, and can be dressed up or down. For a home look, I like to pair mine with bike shorts or even sweat shorts in the warmer months and of course leggings or joggers in the cooler months!

8. Crop Top

It seems like crop tops are everywhere this summer! And, the great news is anyone and any body type can wear them. Check out this blog post on how to rock the crop top trend!

They are is a great option for when you want to show a little skin but still feel comfortable. We love this basic sleeveless vest crop top option! I like to wear mine with high-waisted leggings or jeans. You can also layer it under a cardigan, jacket, or blazer without much effort for added warmth!

9. Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are one of the most comfortable pairs of shorts you can wear on your lower half. They are super versatile, yet they also look great! I like to pair mine with an oversized tee or a crop top. You can also layer them under a dress or skirt for added coverage and comfort. We love these biker shorts– with three different options for length!

10. Shorts (even short shorts)

What to wear at home

Sticking with the short trend, the summer season is all about a comfortable pair of shorts! But finding the right pair can be tricky. You want casual attire that is comfortable enough to lounge around in, but also presentable enough to answer the door. I have been living in sweat shorts. To me, they are just like sweats regarding comfort, but without the full length. Perfect for the summer months and good news, they are right now super on-trend loungewear.

11. Pair of Joggers

TBH, we aren’t sure how we waited until the end to list joggers. I guess we are saving the best for last -LOL!

Joggers are one of the most comfortable, versatile pieces you can own. Aren’t they pretty much stylish athleisure? You can wear them at home, running errands, or even out to dinner! I like to pair mine with a fitted tee or tank and sneakers for a casual look. I also absolutely love my Spanx faux joggers. You could dress them up with heels and a blazer and they are still one of the most comfortable outfits! There are seriously so many options when it comes to joggers and they are perfect for wearing at home as well as out on the town!


What to wear at home all day?

In addition to the 11 options listed above, a few other choices would be:

12. Blazer

A blazer is a great choice if you want to be comfortable but also look pulled together. A couple of options for this year’s trend are a plaid blazer (a sophisticated choice to throw over a fitted tee with shorts or leggings). And, colorful blazers are perfect for summer. I love adding a blazer to my look for a stylish option if I am going to be on video call meetings all day! A great choice is this casual long sleeve slim blazer.

13. Yoga Pants

These are pretty much leggings, right? I am pretty sure the terms can be used interchangeably. HA! I have lived in yoga pants this past year and they are a comfortable and stylish choice that requires minimal effort for at-home wear. You can literally pair them with anything. In summer a tank or fitted tee works perfectly and in the cooler months add a sweater, blazer, or flannel shirt. Plus, you can wear your yoga pants to the grocery store! That’s a win-win right there.

What are comfy clothes to wear at home?

What to wear at home

For us, the most important thing to remember when picking out clothes to wear at home is comfort! You want to be able to relax, so make sure you are choosing items that you find comfortable. A few of our favorites include leggings, joggers, oversized tees, and bike shorts. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

14. Knit Sets

Knit sets are totally on trend and OMG are they ever cozy. The great thing about a knit set is that not only do they feel amazing to wear, but they also really showcase a put-together look. They are one of the most sophisticated at-home loungewear you can own. You can wear a knit set around the house and then run a quick errand! We love a good knit tank and shorts set like this one for summer. And, in the cooler months, this is one of the cutest animal print sets I’ve found.  And oh so cozy!

What clothes to wear at home in the summer?

When it comes to summer, you want to focus on light and airy fabrics that won’t make you too hot. A few of our favorites include shorts, bike shorts, cropped tops, and any loungewear set. You can also never go wrong with a good pair of denim cutoffs! T-shirts always work as well. And, don’t forget your workout clothes! For lazy days in summer, the name of the game is cool, casual, and comfortable!

What to wear at home in the winter?

In the winter, you want to focus on pieces that will keep you warm. A few of our favorites include flannel shirts, leggings, joggers, and sweaters. Speaking of sweaters, one we haven’t mentioned that works great for winter:

15. Chunky Shawl Collar Cardigans

These are like a jacket without stiffness, but keeping all the warmth. I love this style of a cardigan because it’s like wearing a big hug.

What to wear at home after marriage?

What to wear at home

I feel like I could be an expert in this, as I am a newlywed! Ha! Honestly, anything goes, however, I usually dress according to the weather. We are a very laid-back couple, and for home dressing my husband wears casual clothes around the house like jersey shorts, sweats, and t-shirts. I tend to reach for the same pieces of clothing over and over. Shorts & t-shirts in the summer and joggers with sweatshirts in the winter! Ultimately this is up to you and your personal style.

How to dress cute at home?

So you want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time? It’s not as hard as it sounds. You just need the right clothing for the job.

For example, a soft pair of joggers or even a pair of leggings is always a good choice for lounging around the house. They’re comfortable and durable enough for household chores (just pair them with an old t-shirt), and you can wear them pretty much anywhere without feeling out of place. Plus, there are so many cute styles and patterns to choose from these days.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more dressy, try a blazer or a matching two-piece set. Add a crop top under your blazer -perfect for staying cool in summer weather and they look great with sandals or flip-flops.

In short, there are plenty of stylish and comfortable clothing options available to you no matter what your style is. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style anymore. With so many options, you can have both without feeling out of place.

This post was all about what to wear at home

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