The ultimate survival guide: how to know what to wear to Las Vegas night clubs

So you have finally arrived…. in Las Vegas, that is. ????  The lights, the shows, the casinos and the nightclubs!!! Ahh, but how to know what to wear to Vegas clubs?  You’re excited about the Las Vegas casinos and have already decided on a few fabulous shows to attend.  And, you can’t wait to dance the night away in the clubs! You definitely are ready to be part of the Las Vegas credo “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” But, you’re just not sure when going to the shows or the club – What is the official dress code? This ultimate guide provides answers and suggestions on how to dress for “sin city” so read on to discover what to wear to Vegas clubs, shows, casinos and any night out!  This post is all about what to wear to vegas clubs.

What to wear to Vegas Clubs

What to wear to Vegas clubs?

Late-night Las Vegas clubs do have dress codes, and to increase your success in getting into a club, make sure to wear stylish clothes with vibrant colors. The clothes do not have to be glam but why not? There is no more appropriate location for glitz and glam! Amiright? You can go for the dressy look too- grab that little black dress girl! You are in Las Vegas! Make sure to accessorize with jewelry that has a pop and your favorite clutch! Here’s an adorable dress that comes in 19 colors!

What to wear to Vegas clubs: Guys dress code

There is a dress code for men too! They should wear nice slacks and dress shoes, and nice loafers are a must. If one must wear a hat, a stylish fedora is the best bet, baseball caps are a no go (which is a bummer for my husband)!

How strict are Vegas dress codes?

Most Vegas night clubs have strict dress codes, regardless of whether you are on the registration or guest list. However, the dress codes are relatively uniform across all venues, and admittance for ladies is generally acceptable if they at least “tried” to have a “club” look.

Is there a dress code for Vegas: Guys dress code

A general rule for men is they should have a more dressy look and look more traditional with nice pants or jeans, a dress shirt or button-down shirt and optional would be a sport coat.  Most importantly, dress shoes or loafers. Leave the tank tops and athletic attire in the room or save those for the pool! ????

What to wear to Clubs in Vegas Guys

What is the dress code for clubbing?

Here are a few outfit ideas for the nightclub attire for ladies. Party dresses and heels, or even your favorite lbd would work.  When using the guest list to gain entrance, a cocktail dress is always a good way to go. Choose stylish, vibrant colors or even solid black dresses & wear dress shoes (heels) to look your best and catch the eye of the doorman or door lady for admittance to the club. You also will have the best luck if you are either a friend of the doorman or, with an attractive groups of women which I am guessing all your friends are, right? crucial as your ID is for admittance, so are accessories, including bangles, earrings, and a small clutch. Large purses are a no (and TBH why would you want a large bag)?

What do you wear on a night out in Vegas?

While formal attire is not necessary, nor is there a formal dress code, a good choice for females would be any appropriate evening wear, including dressy pants, a dressy or sparkly shirt, these adorable heels, or a chic dress.

What do you wear on a night out in Vegas: Guys dress code

The dress code is a little more specific for men and does not allow jerseys, sneakers, baggy pants, or denim. Men can wear a collared shirt with dress slacks and women casual, even short dresses work. The idea is to dress up nicer than you would for the daily shows. If the show is an upscale celebrity performance, make sure to blend in with the audience, which tends to be more formal. In Vegas, “dress to impress,” definitely is the case! So, put on your fashionable attire and you’ll be fine!

Do you have to wear heels to clubs in Vegas?

Often the venue you are going to attend will state whether or not you should wear heels, but it is advisable to wear them. The dress code in Vegas for the ladies is to dress up, and the idea is to stand out in the crowd. You will for sure increase the chance of getting into a nightclub wearing heels!  Give these a try – they are so sexy, cute and comfortable! It is true that the dance floor may be a different problem with heels, but if you’re dancing the night away in the hottest club in Vegas, why would you care about a few hours of not the most comfortable shoes?

What should you NOT wear in Vegas?

To successfully gain admittance into the hottest Las Vegas nightclubs, you cannot wear any of the following items:

  • Tennis shoes
  • Baggy jeans or jeans with too many holes
  • Sports hats (other than stylish fedoras)
  • Gym shoes
  • Board shorts or swim trunks
  • Cut-offs
  • Cargo shorts
  • Athletic apparel

Pretty much any article of clothing you’d wear to the gym, you want to leave in your room for a night out on the Vegas strip.

What to wear to clubs in Vegas: Guys dress code

Clubs have distinct rules for shoes and will notice men’s footwear first. Make sure to wear comfortable loafers or dress shoes, and you’ll be fine. Stay away from tennis shoes or athletic shoes. Think “smart casual” which is basically playing it safe with either dark dress pants or jeans, and dark blue, black, or even khaki pants and you’re good to go! Make sure to wear a belt with the shoes and dress socks. Top off with a button-down collared shirt and, although not required, a textured or tastefully colored sports jacket with a pocket square will go a long way in letting the club know you belong inside.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to wear to Vegas clubs?

Anything trendy yet dressy works for the ladies.  Form-fitting dress is excellent, leaving the jacket in the room. Dressy or sexy pants, when worn with comfortable heels or even stylish wedges or flats, can be the perfect outfit. Accessorize your look with bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or watches that give you some pop to stand out! Remember, this is Vegas, and more glitz & glam is the way to go!

For guys, wearing dress pants or dark nice jeans should be acceptable and stick with appropriate attire.  Never wear shorts, and a full button-up shirt is a way to go, tucked either in or out, preferably tucked in. Men should always wear nice shoes and a watch with a belt, maybe some jewelry such as a necklace or a bracelet.


How strict are Vegas dress codes?

Typically, most Vegas clubs do enforce a strict dress code regardless of whether or not you are on the guest list.  The easiest way to figure out what to wear or what not to wear is to stay away from the list of no-gos when it comes to your outfit (see above for what NOT to wear).

Our suggestions are to help get you into the hottest clubs in Vegas, and when you look great, you look like you belong and are ready for a fabulous evening of entertainment. Your success of getting into the trendiest clubs in town is much better when you have confidence you are wearing that “Vegas-style” dress and ready for an exciting night of Las Vegas fun!

When you are in Vegas, remember to shine bright like a diamond and have the time of your life! This post is all about what to wear to vegas clubs and what not to wear!  

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