What to wear jet skiing: 9 must-haves for style and comfort

Wondering what to wear jet skiing? Whether you are jet skiing in the ocean, lake or another body of water this post covers everything you need to wear and bring to be stylish and practical.

What to wear jet skiing

When I go to the lake, which is often during the summer, I know we are going to jet ski or ride a personal watercraft device! As someone who likes to be stylish and comfortable, I had to think about what jet ski attire is going to be good as well as knowing what important items to bring based on the weather report!

I know my favorite bathing suit will always be the best thing to bring, but there are many other personal items to consider on any jet skiing adventure. And, its all based on the weather conditions!

Let me just tell you, there is nothing I am more obsessed with than having fun on the water, but also being warm. So, if you are a first time jet ski rider weather going to the lake, or headed to the ocean filled with salt water, after reading this post you will be totally prepared, stylish, and comfortable while riding on the open water!

This post is all about what to wear jet skiing.

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What to wear jet skiing? 

If you’re staring at your closet asking yourself what to wear jet skiing, don’t worry friends! You don’t have to wear any fancy gear. In fact, you probably don’t have to go shopping at all and can wear your favorite clothes you already have in your closet! We know exactly what to wear so you feel comfortable, cute, and well covered while you’re jetting across the water. Getting a sunburn or losing your bikini bottoms won’t happen with our practical guide on what to wear jet skiing! Let’s get started with your favorite suit!

1. Favorite Swimsuit 

This is probably the most obvious, but yep, grab your favorite swimsuit – one that is your favorite color, fits right without bunching, or just one that you love because of the memories you’ve made in it.

Personally, I have a high neck one that is sporty and snug and I know it will stay up if I fall off the jet ski.

I will caution you, ladies, that if your bottoms are a tiny string bikini style, just make sure those strings can be knotted tight and stay knotted if you were to go fast or fall off into the water. Otherwise, grab one with a little more coverage so you don’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction.

2. Life jacket or life vest 

Even if you’re a good swimmer, a life vest or life jacket is an important item to bring jet skiing. And, while you technically don’t think of this as clothing, you definitely need one. And, hey! They can be cute, right? LOL.

Anyway, any water sports at high speeds need safety equipment. If you own your own jetski you most likely already have a personal floatation device, but any jet ski rider should have one whether they are beginner riders or seasoned jet skiers. This life jacket isn’t terrible as far as life jacket style goes! HA! 🙂

3. Wet suit (if the water is cold)

Personally, I wouldn’t consider any activity on water that would be cold, but, some of y’all probably don’t mind. And, if that’s the case then a wet suit is the perfect option! The reason being, wet suits trap small amounts of water in the suit when wet and warm to your body temperature with your body heat. I found ya’ll the cutest wetsuit I could, but warmth is the most important priority here!

4. Rash guard shirt

If you know you’ll sunburn, are worried about sunburn, or have sensitive skin, a rash guard shirt is a good option for you to protect your skin. These shirts also help to prevent any abrasions or rashes that might come from wearing a life vest. The water spray can make your life vest just wet enough that you chafe, which is no fun! A rash guard is a simple step to take for extra protection. Plus, these Daci Women Two Piece Rash Guards not only double as a swimsuit, but are SPF 50 as well. And, they are insanely cute!

5. Pair of sunglasses

Eye protection near or on the water is always a good idea and a simple way to protect your eyes is with a pair of sunglasses! If it’s a sunny day (which of course we want) the bright sunshine can reflect making it harder to see and hurt your eyes. Plus, it’s never fun to have salt spewed in your eye!

It’s better to see clearly and enjoy the fun! You should be able to wear any pair of sunglasses, but if you’re taking your favorite pair you might want to have a lanyard so you don’t lose them if they fly off!

6. Long sleeves 

If you burn easily in the sun wearing a long-sleeved shirt is a great option. The long sleeves will protect your skin from the sun even if your sunscreen washes off from the ocean spray. And, if you are wet, even at slow speeds on the jet ski, there will be a breeze which might feel cold. So, a long sleeve shirt could be just the item you need to stay warm. Plus, this MakeMeChic Women’s Bathing Suit Floral Long Sleeve Top is so dang adorable.

7. Flip Flops 

Yes, friends, you can easily wear flip-flops while jet skiing! So, if you plan to lounge on the beach later or keep it casual, your flip-flops are fine! One word of caution, if it’s your favorite pair of flip-flops and you’re worried about losing them, try a different pair of shoes. And if you’re wearing flip-flops, make sure you get sunscreen on all parts of your feet to avoid painful sunburn. There is nothing worse than sunburn on the tops of your feet!

8. Pair of water shoes

Water shoes IMO provide lots of options – they are great if you plan to walk on the beach, or if you have to climb around a slick surface to get on and off the jet ski. This is because they will have more traction than flip flops. And, if you are getting out in the ocean, they protect the bottom of your feet from whatever might be under the water – seaweed or shells. I always wear my chacos in the ocean or lake!

9. Extra accessories

Water gloves are an option to consider . I know this seems a little odd, but they can help you keep a solid grip on the jet ski handles if your palms are sweaty or wet . If you do decide to bring or wear water gloves, there actually are some cute ones out there! I love the look of these BPS water gloves!

You also might want to consider a dry bag. Especially if you will be out on the water for several hours! That way you can feel comfortable with a place for your phone, credit card, and driver’s license.

Other items you may also want to consider bringing are lip balm, sunscreen, and a change of clothes. Pro tip: Check with the dock or marina ahead of your outing to see if there is a place to keep these items. The reason I say this, is you probably want a change of clothes, but that’s a lot to bring on your jet ski!


Can I wear clothes on a jet ski? 

You can definitely wear clothes on a jet ski, assuming you trust your driver! 🙂 I wouldn’t wear long pants unless you are wearing a wet suit. If you want to wear clothes but don’t know what to wear on a jet ski; I’d recommend shorts that are lightweight and breezy! You can also wear a hat while jet skiing, just make sure it fits snug to your head, and know that it could be windy, a large, floppy brim is likely to blow off.

Do you have to wear a wetsuit on a jet ski?

You don’t have to wear a wetsuit on a jet ski but if the water conditions are chilly or you know you’re gonna get cold and be in the water, it’s not a bad idea to wear a wetsuit while jet skiing. A wetsuit is also your best option to stay warm and comfortable if you’re jet skiing in the winter months.

What shoes to wear jet skiing?

When considering what to wear jet skiing, know that flip-flops are totally fine, but for more comfort and safety, a sturdy pair of water shoes like chacos (can’t recommend them enough) will give you a better grip and traction on slippery surfaces and protect you from sunburn. And if you’re wondering “can you jet ski barefoot?”  You probably could, but TBH, it’s better to wear some type of shoe to get on and off the jet ski and dock safely.

So here you have it, everything you need to know for what to wear jet skiing so you feel comfortable, look cute, and enjoy your ride on the jet ski! Your jet ski attire doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be “you.” So pack your favorite things, know your preferences when it comes to getting wet with lake water or ocean water and have the best time out on the water! One of the best ways to feel like your best self is to wear what makes you feel best.

This post was all about what to wear jet skiing.

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