What shoes to wear with a black lace dress – 10 pairs we’re obsessing over

Are you wondering what shoes to wear with a black lace dress? Good news my friends! There are so many choices. Lace can be a little tricky, but you’ll be amazed by all the different options of shoes we have. A black lace dress is a great choice for a wedding, the holiday season or pretty much any formal event and I promise, if you have a specific shoe to wear with a black dress, you can also wear those shoes with a black lace dress! This post is all about what shoes to wear with a black lace dress.

What shoes to wear with a black lace dress

What shoes can you wear with your black lace dress?

Lace dresses have really been on trend lately!  They are super cute, add just enough oomph to that little black dress and are flattering to all body shapes and sizes.  However,  for some reason it can be tricky to figure out the right shoes to wear with your dress. Good news friends! You can pretty much pair any color shoes with your black dress an make it work!

Strappy Sandals are a great choice for a little black dress

As you can see from the image above, strappy sandals always give black dresses (including black lace dresses) that wow factor! And, who doesn’t want to add little bit of  pizzazz to your outfit? Idk about you, but anytime I am wearing a dress, it better be a statement! I LURRVVEEE these sandals and they actually are comfortable.  The great thing about wearing strappy sandals with black is you can choose from so many different color sandals. Dark colors are obvious, but you could choose a beautiful blue color sandal and that would be a perfect way to add a pop of color. Viola! You have created a whole look that is fabulous!

Neutral Colors always work

Last summer I wore a black lace dress to a wedding and paired the dress with these glossy nude heels. Any color of nude shoes would have worked! The best thing about a shoe color that matches your skin tone is that it can really elongate the appearance of your leg! So, if you want the illusion of legs for days then nude shoes are the perfect shoes!

what shoes to wear with a little black dress

White Shoes with a black lace dress adds class

If a tuxedo is primarily black and white you can absolutely wear white shoes with a black lace dress! And, I promise you will not look one bit like a penguin!  I wore these white pumps with a little black lace dress to a cocktail party last summer and I cannot tell you how many compliments I got on that look! The white heels were a nice pairing for this cocktail dress.

Black Shoes with black dresses are obvious, right?

You cannot go wrong with black on black! Black shoes are the perfect choice to pair with your dress. Why you ask?   Well, black is a color that when you wear it, you automatically dress up! It truly is a magic color for so many reasons – it’s slimming, it’s dressy, it’s classy, it exudes confidence.

Moral of this paragraph, you cannot go wrong with black. Grab some black heels and go forward with your confident, sexy self!  We love these heels with the unexpected bow on the back!

What shoes to wear with a black lace dress

What about black boots?

So, adding black shoes to your black dress creates a chic look -adding black boots is something that is unexpected and totally (as the kids these days say) “on fleek!” You could even pair your perfect dress with black boots that are to the knee.  Ankle boots or black booties look fabulous as well. If you have a long sleeve black lace dress for a holiday or winter event, these black booties would pair really well.  Black on black 1000% looks perfect!

Pair white sneakers with a black dress for a casual vibe

This is perfect for an occasion where you need to dress up but still want to be comfortable. Hey! I wore white sneakers with my white lace wedding dress last summer and it was a perfect option! I was dressed for the occasion and I was able to dance my ???? off without my feet hurting even a little bit! 🙂 I am OBSESSED with veja sneakers – they are so comfortable and pair well with anything, yes, even your black lace dress!

Metallic Shoes are great for black midi dresses

Who doesn’t love to sparkle? If you add any kind of shoes that are gold shoes or silver shoes this creates different looks for your whole outfit! You could really wear any color of midi dress with a metallic shoe and sparkle. Actually, you could wear white dresses, navy blue, a pink lace dress, a red lace dress…HAHAHA -I think you get my point! Metallic shoes -again think golden shoes (these are stunning) or silver color shoes – are the best shoes to pair with a multitude of lace dresses, not just a black color lace dress or even just a black midi dress. These colors go wonderfully with a multitude of dress styles and colors. WOOHOO!

Shoes to wear with a lace dress

Nothing is sexier than red shoes and a black lace dress

Amiright? Red exudes confidence and red paired with black is chic, edgy, sexy and perfect. You could pair some red high heels with black tights and a moto jacket for the sexiest, edgiest look in the winter. Or, any red heel would be the perfect pair of shoes paired with a sexy black lace dress for a holiday party. So grab your red shoes and shine friends!????

Cowboy boots for an unexpected trendy look

Sooo, I’ll never forget the first time one of my friends showed up to an event with cowboy boots and her favorite black dress. I just wasn’t sure how I felt about the look. But, over time it really grew on me. And, I promise you, living in Texas, this look has really taken over. I hear cowboy boots are super comfortable and they definitely are on trend. Why not pair them with your favorite dress for a fun, stylish look?

cowboy boots and black dress

FAQs: What shoes can you wear with a black lace dress?

The options are pretty much endless my friends! You could choose the obvious choices of black shoes or nude heels. Strappy Sandals are always a great choice and there are so many color possibilities with strappy sandals. In addition, you could go for something a little more trendy like black booties, black knee boots or even cowboy boots. If you want a more casual look, add some white sneakers or even oxford shoes and revel in comfort!

What shoes can you wear with a little black dress?

The great think about black is it is pretty much a neutral color. Truly you can wear almost any color shoe with a black dress. If you can wear it with a black lace dress, you can wear it with a little black dress, or a long black dress or a black dress for a wedding. 🙂

How do you wear a lace dress in the winter?

An outfit idea for a black lace dress in the winter would be to wear a long sleeve lace dress, add a black leather jacket over it and grab a pair of black boots and a black clutch! This would be super cute for a holiday party. You can absolutely wear lace in the winter, you just want to consider the type of dress as well as the elements and pair with the right type of shoes. You definitely don’t want to be in the snow or ice with heels on.

Soo, there you have it friends! 10 different shoes and styles you can wear with your black lace dress! Grab that dress and have confidence after reading this post that you will be the trendiest girl at the party! This post was all about what shoes to wear with a black last dress.


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