15 insanely cute color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress to a wedding

Wondering what color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress to a wedding?  We have 15 of the cutest shoes to pair with your navy dress that we we are obsessed with right now! 

What color shoes to wear with navy blue dress to wedding

Summer is finally here and that means only one thing. WEDDING SEASON! HAHAHA!  And, you have the perfect dress -it’s a beautiful navy.  But, you have no idea what color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress to a wedding!

Yes, it’s so exciting to go to weddings, but sometimes knowing what to wear can be a little tricky.  There are so many different styles of dresses, and once you’ve figured out your dress, time to decide on the shoes!

There are a million trendy color shoes to wear with navy blue dresses, but lucky for you, I have all of the cutest shoes you need right here!

This post is all about what color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress to a wedding.

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What color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress to a wedding

1)Black Shoes

Let’s start with a classic black shoes! You can never go wrong with black shoes, and they are the perfect shoe to pair with your navy dress. They are versatile and will always be in style. Try some patent leather black heels or strappy sandals. We love the strappy black heels below to pair with your dress.

Strappy Black Heels

2)Nude Shoes

If you want your shoes to blend in and not be the focus of your outfit, then go for a nude shoe. Nude heels that are close to your skin tone will elongate your legs and make you look taller. You 1000% cannot go wrong with nude sandals -they are perfect neutral colors.  As a matter of fact, my bridesmaid dresses were navy blue dresses and two of my bridesmaids wore nude heels and looked fabulous!  These nude clear back heels are very similar to ones they wore for my wedding. So cute!

3)Pink Shoes

Say WHAT?? Yes, you can totally wear pink shoes with a navy dress.  Just like pink is a great color to pair with a black dress, navy and pink are a perfect match! This is such a fun and unexpected pop of color! You could do hot pink pumps or even a softer blush tone.  If you are going to go for a bolder color like hot pink, I would recommend keeping the rest of your accessories more subdued so that your shoes compliment your dress and your outfit isn’t too over the top!  These hot pink heels are perfect for summer and pairing with navy!

4)Green Shoes

Green is such a pretty color to pair with navy. It could be unexpected but still goes together so well!  Totally a classic -green and blue. You could do a mint green, olive green or even a brighter emerald green. These woven strap dress heeled sandals are adorable.  Green shoes would be perfect shoes for a summer or destination wedding!

5)White Shoes

Surely you knew white pumps would one of the best shoe colors with navy? I know often white and navy might have a nautical feel, but I promise, wearing white shoes with a navy dress is such a chic look! You could do a crisp white pump or even a strappy sandal. This is perfect for more formal weddings where you want to look your best!  We adore these braided heel sandals plus memory foam insoles OH SO COMFORTABLE!!!!


6)Red Shoes

Wearing red heels with a navy dress is always a good idea! Check out our girl in the cover photos.  OH SO STYLISH!  Red is such a bold and fun color that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. You could choose classic red pumps or even some strappy sandals. If you really want an elevated look, check out these open toe fashion pump heel sandal. LOVE!

7)Gold Shoes

WE Love the look of gold sandals for a summer wedding.  They are the perfect way to add a little bit of glamour to your outfit. You could also go for these beautiful gold strappy heels if you wanted something more dressy!

8)Ombre effect shoes

Ombre is having such a moment right now and we are here for it! If you want a trendy shoe to pair with your navy dress, grab yourself some ombre heels girlfriend.  I promise, you will have all of the guests asking you about your shoes!  Stay away from these ombre shoes if you don’t want attention. HA!

9)Yellow Shoes

Yellow shoes with navy is a fabulous look that says “I am here for the fun.”  Yellow is such a happy color and obviously a wedding is a happy occasion!  You could do a canary yellow or mustard yellow strappy heels. OMG do you not LOVE these pumps??? Add a yellow necklace and some yellow earrings and you are all set!

10) Silver Shoes

Silver shoes, similar to gold can be the right shoes and a great to add a little bit of glamour to your navy blue outfit.  You could do a classic silver pump or even some strappy sandals. These open toe block heeled sandals are perfect for more formal events and formal weddings where you want to look your best!

11)Animal Print Shoes

If you are looking to add a little bit of edge to your outfit and go for a bold look, then animal print shoes are great options!  Leopard print is always a classic, but you could also do some snake print like these kitten heel pumps or even zebra print!  These shoes definitely make a statement and will have all of the guests talking in the best way!

12) Transparent shoes

I remember when I first saw these and though they were a trend that would be here and gone.  That was about 4 summers ago! HA!  These are such a cute look that definitely dresses up any outfit and will add a bit of sass to your navy blue dress.  And as a bonus, these peep toe kitten heels are the perfect pair of shoes to wear with pretty much any color dress or even jeans all year round!

13) Black Leather Boots

If you want to add a little bit of edge to your look, and are feeling a bit daring, try a pair of leather boots or black booties like these super trendy, oh so sleek open toe cut-out booties!

14) Tan Boots

Tan boots are a great way to add a little bit of warmth to your look.  They are also perfect pairing with a navy dress for Fall or Winter weddings! We love these beige cut-out booties, they would be perfect with navy for a fall wedding.

15) Navy Blue shoes

Last, but definitely not least, we have to talk about the matchy matchy look of navy on navy.  You cannot go wrong with a monochromatic ovarall look.  AT ALL!   If you want to keep your look more subdued, then go for a pair of navy blue flats or even some try a pair of navy heels!  I love the way these navy studded metallic heels look – just some extra oomph to give your look some style! LOVE!

What color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress to a wedding FAQs:

What color shoes should I wear with a blue dress for a wedding?

You could wear any color shoe you’d like with a navy blue dress, but since navy is considered a neutral color, you can take advantage of that and try out something unexpected.  Personally, I love bold, bright shoes like these red strappy heels for summer paired with navy.

Is it OK to wear black shoes with a navy dress?

1000% yes.  Black and navy are a classy combo that you can’t go wrong with.  Regular black pumps are a good option for a classy look that you can’t go wrong with. We love these trendy zipper black sandals to pair with your dress for a summer wedding!

How to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding?

Our suggestion would be if you have bold bright shoes, you could match the earrings and bracelet with your shoes-assuming your dress is basic. I love these yellow statement dangle drop earrings to pair with yellow shoes and a navy dress.  Talk about CUTE!

What shoe color goes best with navy blue dress?

While you could technically wear any color shoe with a navy blue dress, we think for a summer wedding pops are bright colors are so fun! I personally love hot pink, red high heels or even yellow pumps! This is totally a personal preference, you could choose a neutral color shoe for a more casual look. You really can’t go wrong with any of the above choices!

 So if you’ve got the perfect navy blue dress, but can’t decide what color shoes to wear.  Don’t worry! This post is going to  help you make the best decision for your fashion-forward self.

If you’re looking to make a statement, go for a bold color like red or hot pink. Not feeling so daring? Opt for a classic nude pump or strappy sandal. Either way, you’ll be sure to turn heads as you walk down the aisle.

This post is all about what color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress to a wedding.

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