19 of the absolute best nail polish colors that will go with everything

Nothing elevates your look like polished nails!  Knowing what color nail polish goes with everything can be tricky though! Don’t worry we have 19 amazing nail polish colors that will work with any outfit!  

What color nail polish goes with everything

Nails are a very important part of any outfit, and it is important to choose the right color. Whether you are going for a classic look with red nail polish or want to try something new with olive green nails, we have you covered. In this blog post, we will be discussing 19 of the best nail polishes that will go with everything! We will also be talking about different types of nails, such as French manicures and nude nails. So whether you are getting ready for a summer wedding, vacation or just looking for some inspiration, read on for the best nail colors out there!

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What color nail polish goes with everything?

1. Nude nail polish

A nude or neutral color is the perfect choice for an understated, elegant look. It goes well with both formal and casual outfits, and is great for everyday wear! It is tricky to find a nude color that is universally flattering, but we love Kiara Sky Creme ‘d nude. This is a dipping powder that is a perfect match for almost every skin type and is soft and subtle yet polished. (GET IT?) One of my favorite things about natural colors is they pair wonderful with gold jewelry.

2. Blush pink

I am obsessed with blush pink nail polish! It really does give your nails a soft, girly look that’s perfect for accenting feminine outfits. It is also one of the best shades paired with other pastel colors! This is my personal favorite color, I love the way pale pink looks and you truly can wear it all year round. My favorite color is a blush pink dip powder called blushing bride made by Nugenisis. I wore this color for my wedding. Seriously, I am obsessed.

3. Bright red nail polish

Red is always a classic color choice for nails! It is bold, eye-catching and chic. What’s more? Red nail polish can be worn with both formal as well as casual outfits! If you are looking for a classic red nails that goes with everything, we recommend trying out OPI “big apple red” red, it looks great on all skin tones too!

Best Nail polish colors for everyday

4. Black

What color nail polish goes with everything

Black Nails aren’t a color you’d typically think of for everyday, but we love it! It has a bit of edge to it and can be paired with any outfit without looking too out of place.  One of our favorites is essie espressie now or never black.  And, it’s quick dry! WIN WIN!

5. White

White nails are a best bet for summer because white makes your skin look tan! And, white goes with absolutely everything under the sun.  White is easy, breezy and summery.  My favorite white is nugensis french white! It’s a bright white dipping powder perfect for summer.

6. Gray

We love gray because it is another great option for those who don’t want something too loud but still want their nails to look different from the natural color of their hands. Gray goes well with pretty much every other color so you can never go wrong with this shade. We LOVE the sparkle and glitter of this gray for summer –OPI Nails the runway.  It is beautiful!

7. Neutral Nail Colors

We think this one is pretty obvious -think anything in that nude or beige.  And, there are so many different neutral or nude colors these days you really can’t go wrong. One of our favorites is OPI “my vampire is buff” It’s the perfect neutral nail polish with hints of white. Such a clean look!

What is the most popular nail polish color for 2022 and still go with all your outfits?

What color nail polish goes with everything

Again, there is no definitive answer to this question as different people will have different opinions. However, we can make some educated guesses based on current trends! Here are our top picks for the most popular nail polish colors for 2022.

11. Ombre Nail Polish

O.M.G friends -ombre nails are having a moment right now and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!  The way I achieved the look above was I had two different dippng powder colors and my nail technician did the entire nail in white first, then added the purple color.

Another option would be fake press on nails. (They’ve come a LONG way friends!)  We love these Coolnail pink/nude white ombre press-ons! Whether you’re going out on the town or just want something to spice up your life, ombre is such a fun touch!

9. Blues including navy nail polish

From moody blues and dark shades to bright turquoise, blues are having a major moment in the world of nail polish. They can be either subtle or eye-catching, depending on your preference, and look great with both formal and casual outfits! Blue nail polish colors are popular all year long from navy nail polish (give this essie expressie navy a try); a beautiful dark polish in the winter to a bright blue polish a perfect spring color for the summer months!

10. Green Nails

This can be a tough one to wear, but if you find the perfect shade, it is fabulous green nail polish that is an unexpected fun look and can be a perfect accessory! One green shade that goes with anything would be olive green nails! Truly olive green can match most every outfit!

11. Hot pink or magenta

Magenta is a hot, trendy color that has been popping up all over the place lately. Hot pinks or magenta colors are the easiest way to add a pop of color to any outfit and can be paired with almost anything! We love this revel nail dipping powder color in “staff.” It’s the perfect hot pink for summer!

What is a summer nail color that goes with everything?

What color nail polish goes with everything

Summer is a perfect time to try out color! From bold colors & bright colors, to subdued colors.  Summer and color on your nails goes together like the ocean and sand!

12. Bright oranges

Bright colors are perfect for hot weather and orage is a vibrant color that you can still see when you’re outside in bright sunlight all day long! How do we know orange is good for warm weather? The same reason why sunshine stands out more in photos taken on sunny days – our eyes pick up more of these types of colors at higher temperatures.  I am obsessed with this kiara sky “feeling beachy” orange!

13. Canary Yellow

Do y’all remember when the Kardashian’s introduced yellow nails polish and it became a trend in 2018? Well canary yellow is back and better than ever! What’s more? It looks great with a lot of outfits, especially casual ones and is perfect for the summer! Give this beetles gel polish in canary yellow a try!

14. Pale pink nail polish

This is another popular summer shade because it works so well during the warmer months due to its lightness. What makes this color pop? Pairing it with white on one finger for a summery look that matches everything. A tired and true color that you cannot go wrong with is Essie’s “ballet slippers.”

15. Mint green

What a great summer nail color that pairs well with any outfit or occasion. It’s fun, flirty and looks great against tanned skin!  I highly recommend OPI’s “cactus what you preach.”  A pefect mint green!

What are some fall nail colors that go with everything?What color nail polish goes with everything


What nails do you wear in the Fall season? We have some great choices for you!

16. Dark purple

A deep purple is a great choice if you’re looking to add some edge to your look. It’s not too over the top and still looks feminine since it doesn’t lean towards blue or pink so anyone can pull off dark purple nails without being self conscious about their outfit choices. They also go well with any shade from reds, oranges and browns. Even deep blues.  Elite99 has the most beautiful deep purple color.  STUNNING!

17. Brown

Brown is another understated option that will always be wearable no matter what style you prefer when wearing clothes during fall seasons. From classy leather boots to girly ankle booties – brown works particularly well because it compliments most skin types and technically it’s a neutral! It’s not quite as harsh as black, and truly goes with everything! We love the glitter (and the name) in SNS dipping powder’s “browntown abbey.”

18. Dark burnt orange

Burnt orange or rust would also be a fantastic choice for the fall as pumpkin spice is all the rage Just make sure you have neutral undertones so the orange will pair will with your outfits and not clash with your skin tone! Essie’s “playing Koi” is the perfect burnt orange for fall.


What color toenail polish goes with everything?

There are a few choices you really can’t go wrong. Our two go-tos would be black or white.

Black is perfect for so many reasons including the fact it doesn’t show dirt and it always adds a touch of class when paired with sandals for spring for summer.  Modelones makes a great long-lasting vegan black polish to try!

White obviously goes with everything. One thing you have to consider when wearing white is that it can get dirty and discolored easily, especially in summer if you go to the beach often.  We would consider shellac polish  or this beetles gel nail polish in A-French white for your toes!

What nail polish colors work for a formal event?

What color nail polish goes with a formal event? A formal event could be a wedding, an interview, a work presentation – anywhere you need to look put together and polished. For us, there are three options.

19. French Manicure

A french manicure is always a good choice because it looks classic and elegant. It’s not too over the top, but still says “I tried” which is important for formal events. A french manicure is perfect for a job interview or presentation over zoom or in person! A great kit is ORLY “french manicure duo kit nail polish.”

Black.  Again, black for the win.  To us, there is no question about it – black nails are always in style when attending any type of social function that requires your utmost respect. It’s sophisticated without being too over the top and will never go out of style because people love black no matter what time period we’re living in.

White.  Annd, yet again, white.  To say we love white is an understatement.

White Nails actually make your hands look longer and more elegant. What’s the science behind this? (Stay with me here friends!) HAHAHAHA! Dark colors absorb light -the same concept applies to having white on your fingers since it will reflect all of the sunlight, making them appear longer than usual.

What color nail polish is the most attractive nail color?

The answer to this question is simple  it depends on your personal preference! I know, that’s not really an answer, but truly, whatever color makes you feel most confident you should wear. I used to love bright colors all year round, but lately the more understated pinks, whites, and purples I have been leaning into.

If undecided, you can’t go wrong with red, nude, or black!

Should fingernail and toenail polish match?

While there is no right or wrong answer to this question, we think that matching your fingernail and toenail polish can create a more polished look.

If you’re going for a more casual vibe, feel free to mix and match different colors!  This is the route we choose 99% of the time! 🙂

What color nail polish goes with everything?

Good news friends, we have 19 colors that will work for everyday, every season, every event.  The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to choosing nail polish colors!

Nail polish might seem like just another accessory, but when done right, it creates a polished finish perfect for any occasion. What is your tried and true color that you must have on hand at all times? Let us know in the comments!

This post is all about what color nail polish goes with everything.

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