The absolute best boots and shoes to wear with sweater dresses in 2022

It’s that time of year when we just want to be wrapped in a cozy blanket. And, since it’s totally inappropriate to go out in public in a blanket, a warm, cozy, chunky knit sweater dress is the next best option IMO at least! But knowing what boots and shoes to wear with sweater dresses can be such a challenge. Like can you wear thigh high boots with a sweater dress and not look trashy????? (the answer is yes!) We are going to cover all the different styles of shoes, boots, heels and even sneakers you can pair with your sweater dresses and have totally stylish outfits.  This post is all about the absolute best boots and shoes to wear with sweater dresses

shoes to wear with a sweater dress


I’m sure you wondered if you can even wear a sweater dress. Girlfriend, if Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian and Ashley Graham can rock sweater dresses so can you. Not only are they comfortable but they truly look fabulous no matter what your body type is! I mean, all three of the above celebrities have completely different body types and all three look AMAZING in a sweater dress. So comfort + flattery no matter your body shape -umm that’s a major WIN.

There are so many choices from midi sweater dresses (the length being mid-shin) to a long sweater dress (the length being to your ankles) or even a sweater dress that is above the knees. Those are just the length choices and again, that’s going to be personal preference.

Now that we all understand you can absolutely wear a sweater dress, let’s talk about the what shoes to wear with those sweater dresses. The options are endless when it comes to shoes and style of shoes, so grab your favorite sweater dress and we’ll share so many outfit ideas you’ll have a hard time choosing your favorite kind of shoes to wear!

What shoes to wear with a black sweater dress? (Hint: there’s a ton)

This is probably the most common question we get here and the great thing is the answer has SO MANY POSSIBILITIES! You can always pair a black sweater with black knee-high boots and look classy! You’ll also stay so unbelievably warm with this look. Just add a pair of tights and BAM! Instantly a cozy look and a super cute outfit plus immediate warmth! If you want to style your sweater dress dressier, just add a pair of nude or black heels.  This is a super stylish look that is also classy. You can add a trench coat over it and be totally on trend!????

Black sweater dress with boots

When choosing a black sweater dress, you can get away with a mini sweater dress like this one below and otk boots (over the knee boots). This is a popular choice if you are wanting to wear thigh high boots without looking trashy! You’ll want to make sure the top of the boot is just over the knee and the bottom of the sweater dress is short enough to show some skin, but not too short to show your assets ????if you know what I mean. You could also add a pair of black tights if your dress was on the shorter side and pair with black suede boots for an all black look! Monochromatic looks are totally on trend right now- talk about taking your sweater dress to the next level! 

Shoes to wear with long sleeve sweater dress

One look you’re gonna want to add to your wardrobe is a sweater dress (like this adorable sweater dress under $40) and pair it with boots. It doesn’t matter if they are tall boots, over the knee boots or ankle booties. It is such a cute, stylish look. You cannot go wrong. And, we absolutely love that the tall boots and the over the knee boots pull double duty and actually work to keep you warm! ????

How to wear a sweater dress with sneakers

We love this look because it is definitely a great casual look. White sneakers and any sweater dress looks absolutely adorable. Put this together with a ball cap and you’re gonna 1000% be a trendsetter! This would be perfect in the fall for a football game, you could add a flannel shirt even. You could tie it around your waist for a trendy look during the day and then wear it over the sweater dress if it gets chilly at night. And, you’ll be super comfortable all day into night!

Another time of year you could pair a sweater dress with a pair of sneakers would be spring or fall. Especially if you had a sleeveless or short- sleeve sweater dress like this super cute pink sweater dress! This is an adorable look!

How to wear a sweater dress with ankle boot

This is another super easy look to create! Mainly because your sweater dress is so easy to pair boots with. Cozy sweater dresses and a pair of ankle boots are such a chic look! You also could pair a high heel ankle bootie too, to dress it up a bit. I wore this white sweater dress in early spring and it was so classy and comfortable. You could also wear low heel ankle boots or even with block heels look so stylish and chic!

how to wear a sweater dress with ankle boots

Sweater dress with combat boots for an unexpected twist

If you really like to live life on the edgy HAHAHA, or maybe you just prefer an edgy look, then you absolutely have to pair your sweater dress with combat boots. This look is such a stylish, casual, bad-ass look! And, a major bonus of combat boots, is they are chunky boots so, they typically have a rubber sole. This look is great for going out on a day when the elements aren’t the best. Also, you can easily add a pair of skinny jeans, leggings or even tights under your sweater dress and this look still is so unexpectedly cool!

Shoes to wear with a long sleeve sweater dress

In the winter months, you probably wouldn’t even consider any article of clothing that doesn’t have long sleeves! This included any dresses, I would assume. A perfect choice of shoe to wear would be boots of any kind.  As you can see from the photo below, we have white sweater dress and boots.  Blue sweater dress with combat boots and of course black sweater dress with OTK boots.  Add a pair of black leggings, tights or black fishnet stockings with any knit sweater dresses. This would be a perfect match and you’ll have automatically upped your sweater dress game.

Shoes to wear with sweater dress

What shoes to wear with a midi sweater dress

A midi sweater dress as we mentioned in the beginning of this article is simply a dress that is shin length.  With that being said, your shoe options IMO are somewhat limited.  I think this look looks absolutely so fun and stylish with white sneakers.  You could also pair with ankle boots or booties.  We would stay away from any boots that are knee-high or OTK because this will add some unnecessary bulk to your look, and I don’t think this is what we are going for..amiright? 

FAQs: What are the best shoes to wear with sweater dresses?

That’s a FANTASTIC question!  The answer is the possibilities are limitless. You can pair any of the following boots and shoe choices and look auh-maz-ing:

  • Knee-high boots
  • Over the knee boots
  • Ankle boots
  • Combat boots
  • White Sneakers
  • Chunky Sneakers
  • Nude heels or any heels really

What shoes to wear with a black sweater dress?

Again, so many options. One of the best ways to wear a black sweater dress is with black boots to the knee, or if you have a mini dress you can pair it with some black OTK boots. Such a sexy look!  You can even opt for some nude or black heels for a more polished classy look!

So there you have it friends.  As you can tell, there’s absolutely no shortage of shoe styles and choices to pair with a sweater dress.  So go ahead an grab your favorite sweater dress and rock this trendy look! This post was all about the best boots and shoes to wear with with sweater dresses.

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