Insanely cute shoes to wear with a white dress for all occasions

Insanely cute shoes to wear with a white dress for all occasions

We know it can be tough to find the right shoes to wear with a white dress. Do you go with sandals, flats, or heels? And, what about wearing white shoes with your white dress, is that a fashion faux pas? We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together the best shoes to wear with a white dress, no matter what your style is.

What shoes to wear with a white dress

It can be tough to know what shoes to wear with certain outfits. Do you go for the matching white sneakers or sandals? Or do you try something different and risk looking like a fashion disaster?

Whether you’re wearing a maxi dress or a little white number, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you! We will help you see which shoes will complete your look without overshadowing your adorable white dress like the one below.    

What color of shoe goes with a white dress?

We guess it is true, shoes can make or break any ensemble, and that is never more true than when wearing a white dress! The great thing about white is it can be considered a neutral color and goes with almost every color! Yes, the shoes you choose to wear with your pretty little whites will have major impact on your overall look! Because as we mentioned white goes with almost any color you can pick red shoes, green shoes, pink shoes, brown shoes, metallic shoes HAHAHA. You get the point! So grab your little white dress and let’s talk about all the great choices and cute shoes you can pair with it! There really are SO. MANY. CHOICES. Let’s dig in and start with black!

Do black shoes go with a white dress?

Are oreos delicious? HAHAHA. YES. There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference, occasion, and other factors. However, in general black shoes are considered to be versatile and can be paired with a wide range of outfits, so it is generally safe to say that they will also look great with a white dress. Black and white are two great colors that work well together. I love wearing black heels with a white dress! So, I say do it!  How adorable are  these black croco heels? AHH, they are so super cute and add some unexpected texture with the faux croc detail!

Cute shoes to wear with a white lace dress for Easter.

Easter is a perfect time to break out your white lace dress. If you are wondering what shoes to wear with white lace dresses, we discuss 5 styles that work perfectly in this recent post!

Shown below is one of my favorite Easter looks and these sandals are my favorites to pair with a white lace dress. My dress is sold out, but here is a super similar adorable dress

What shoes to wear with a white lace dress



What about off-white dresses? What shoes will work?

So, if you’re feeling a little adventurous and decide that black shoes may not be the best choice for your current ensemble, there are other options. shoes to wear with off-white dresses Shoes in metallic tones such as gold, silver or rose gold will also look fantastic with off- white.  These gold sandals would be fabulous! Off -whites are typically a softer tone than a bright white, so adding some bling to your footwear is a perfect way to make a statement and not be a fashion disaster! HAHAHAHAHA!

White dress with sneakers, a great look!

I’m 1000% agree with this although we do think it depends on the shoes! If you are wearing sneakers, go for white sneakers with a simple white dress. There is nothing that completes a casual look better than a casual outfit like a white maxi skirt paired with white sneakers. Add a cami or t-shirt, some simple gold accessories. If you need to grab a layering piece, a simple denim jacket will be perfect. OMG this is such a California cool look and IMO it is a perfect outfit! Style your hair in a loose ponytail and you have a perfect choice for sophisticated perfection.

Can you wear white sneakers with a white dress

Do bright colored heels work for a white dress ?

High heels are a great choice of course, especially if you are dressing up for a special occasion. You can choose a multitude of color combinations! Neon or bright colors like neon pink heels are a perfect choice for any summer occasion! Another great choice is bright blue shoes! A brightly colored heel will add some fun and personality to your outfit!. Adding a pop of color (like these oh so sexy blue heels) can always elevate a basic white dress. It is indeed possible to be a basic bitch and a fashionista all at once!😂So..go for it!

Tell us the best color shoes to go with a white dress in summer?

As I am writing this post it is literally raining ice outside, so the thought of summer just brings so much joy to my face!  But, I digress.  Back to the shoes!  Summer is awesome because you can wear sandals, and all kinds of sandals, strappy sandals, wedges, high heel sandals…ahh the possbilities are endless.  And the same goes for the choice of shoes to wear with your white dress.  You can really wear any color.  Bright colors are perfect, nothing like adding a pop of color to jazz up your dress.  You could choose any bright color and they shoes will look amazing.  These neon yellow braided sandals would really show off a tan and look fantastic in the summer with any white dress!


Which shoes go with a white dress?

There are so many options you cannot go wrong with almost any choice. Nude shoes are one of the best shoe colors for a classic look. I don’t think you can go wrong with any neutral colors and if you can match a nude color shoe with you skin tone, you can gain the appearance of legs for days my friends. Nude shoes are perfect shoes to pair with your white dress!

You can go classic with black pumps or sandals, or mix it up with colorful wedges or even a beautiful trendy white on white look.No matter what style of shoe you choose, make sure it pops against the starkness of the white dress. A brightly colored heel will add some fun and personality to your outfit – perfect for any summer occasion.

Can I wear black shoes with a white dress?

Again, are black tuxedos a classy look? Are they timeless? 1000000000% yes they are. Black shoes paired with a white color is seriously a girl’s best friend. It is a perfect combination and will always create an elegant look. You could wear black heels, black pointed toe flats. There are so many different looks that would work with black. Black wedges would be a great option for summer or any sandal would be good choices that you could match depending on the type of dress you are wearing!

When can I wear a white dress?

Other than the obvious answer on your wedding day HAHAHA, I think that white dresses are wonderful in the summer. Especially a bright white dress. But, you could wear a casual white dress in fall and pair the dress with some ankle boots for a laid back, everyday look. Add a t-shirt and a black leather jacket over your white dress and you have a stylish edgy look!

What about white dress with white shoes?

White dress with white shoes and some of our favorites. There is nothing better than a white on white look!!! Truly, you cannot go wrong here! Pro tip: As a general rule of thumb, make sure the whites match! Or don’t!😜😜😜 Fashion rules are made to be broken after all. 🙂

What shoes to wear with white dress

White dresses are all the rage, and you can make white work all year.  There is nothing better than a white hot dress in the summer to help your tanned skin pop!  But, don’t worry -you can wear that white dress in the winter, just add a sweater on top and some tall black boots and you have a perfect look for the winter.

So, you know you can wear the dress, but what about shoes? What color shoe can you wear with a white dress? Well, we’ve got good news for you – just about any color shoe goes great with a white dress! So go ahead and stock up on white dresses – and don’t forget to pick up a few pairs of shoes while you’re at it!You can mix and match to create your own unique look. We explain several options in this post and honestly, you really cant go wrong! This post is all about what shoes to wear with a white dress.

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