White jeans 101: how to wear white jeans in winter and all year long

Do you want to wear your white jeans in winter but you’re concerned that wearing white jeans after Labor Day is a major fashion faux pas? Girl, don’t stop wearing those white jeans! In this post we’re going to discuss 7 ways to style white jeans for winter! We’ll also chat about wearing white jeans in October, fall and all year long! Plus, I’ll share 3 styles of white jeans you can wear year round!  This post is all about how to wear white jeans in the winter & beyond!

White Jeans in winter
Wearing white jeans in winter and fall can be challenging. Learn how to style white jeans to make your life so much easier.



So, Is it really okay to wear white jeans in winter?

1000% yes, my friends!! As a matter of fact, you really can wear white jeans all year round! Here are a couple of reasons that prove my point that you can indeed wear white jeans & white pants in the the winter! First, white jeans are still jeans. As we know, white pairs well with so many things. And, if the winter months aren’t primed for wearing jeans of any kind, I don’t know what months out of the year are. Secondly, take a look at any major retail store and you will find stacks and rows full of white jeans. I promise you, the retail stores would not have clothes in their stores that are not selling. And, a bonus reason – it’s fashion. Amiright?  You can wear whatever the hell you want at anytime -those are the rules of fashion. There really are no rules!


Here are 7 easy ways to style white jeans in winter

There are so many easy ways to style white jeans in winter. You’ll see there are so many adorable white jeans outfits! You’ll be able to see some of the easiest ways to wear your winter whites in cold weather that will have you reaching for those jeans this time of year over and over!

1. White on White for a monochromatic all white look

A favorite way to style white denim in the fall months would be an all white outfit! You can see this look below shows a white sweater vest (which is also super on trend right now!) The key was the texture of the sweater vest. Animal prints never go out of style so the snakeskin booties just elevated the look! And, it was such a fun look! You could even use white boots or leopard pumps and you’d have a super chick look as well.

White Jeans in winter


2. Add a leather jacket for a trendy layered look

A super easy way to transition white jeans from fall to winter is to layer them and a good leather jacket never goes out of style! You could add a moto jacket or even style it with a black leather jacket over a black sweater for an edgy chic look!  We’ve  included a few of our favorite jackets here.


White jeans with moto jacket


3. Add a sweater and black moto boots

A warm neutral sweater with black moto boots really elevates the white jean look during fall and transitioning into the colder months. The black boots are a great option to help make the look a little edgy and nothing is better than a chunky knits or warm neutral sweater in the cooler months. Check out some of our favorite sweaters here! 

Pairing cozy neutral sweaters or even a pop of color will really elevate your whites and this would be a great look for date night!


4. Always a good idea add a jean jacket with your white jeans!

You can always add a denim jacket. This would be a great layer to add if you wanted to wear your white jeans in October, like maybe to a football game. Recently I styled my white denim with a white t-shirt, a flannel shirt and a denim jacket for a college football game. I knew the temp was going to be chilly as it got dark and having the layer of the jacket really helped to offset the cold. Plus it was a super cute look and I got lots of compliments! ????

White jeans outfits for ladies

5. Nothing looks more classic than white jeans and a grey chunky knit sweater

Oh the coziness of a sweater. Is cozy another word from warmth in winter months? HAHAHA I don’t know about you guys, but when I put on a sweater that is soft and comfy, it feels just like a hug. If you find yourself reaching for a pair of white jeans, grab a grey sweater. Something about grey really offsets the white and it is a nice contrast that provides a refined yet classy look.

white jeans gray sweater
one way to wear those white jeans in the colder months is paired with a gray sweater.

6. Add some spunk & comfort ???? with some white sneakers.

Is it OK to wear white jeans in winter

7. For the fashionista, style with a camel coat.

This is seriously one of my favorite looks. And, it’s a classic look that will never go out of style. You could have an all white ensemble and then add a camel coat.  Or you could even wear a black t-shirt, leopard print sweater with your white denim, then add your camel coat to finish off the look.  Even a fuzzy teddy camel coat would look amazing and they’re super trendy right now! Check out some of our favorite jackets for fall and winter here!



3 Styles of white jeans you can effortlessly wear in every season:

  • White Skinny Jeans: I know everyone says skinny jeans are out, but for winter, there is no better style to wear w/ tall boots. White skinny jeans look absolutely adorable with tall boots and a long -sleeve shirt and a hat!
  • Bootcut white jeans, I am LOVING this trend right now and you should too. A pair of white boot-cut jeans pair perfectly with a bootie and a flannel shirt for fall. Plus they are super comfortable and you could wear this style of white jeans to work.
  • Straight leg white jeans, Just refer to the cover photo in this post to see an easy way to wear those straight leg jeans!

So there you go girlfriends! Several ways to wear those white jeans in winter fall and beyond!

Let’s chat about a few things to consider when wearing white jeans

  • Underwear matters. I personally like a nude colored thong, but you could do any type of no-show underwear that is nude. I would recommend nude because white will show through white, and nude essentially blends in under white.
  • Spot Treat you stains. You know it’s inevitable the minute you wear white, you’re gonna spill something on it. You can easily spot treat with a tide stick or a shout white. Just gently dab the treatment on your white denim and then blot with water.
  • Careful when you wash your white bottoms! My recommendation would be to wash them with whites, and I do NOT use hot water. I also do not dry them in the dryer – I air dry. I find this keeps the white looking brighter, longer.
  • Let’s chat about pockets. With white jeans (and all jeans really), you want to consider pockets that are not too high on your booty and not too far to the side. I like them to be right in the middle. This helps to make the jeans appear to fit symmetrically and also makes your booty pop. Who doesn’t want that?


Can you wear white jeans in winter?

Absolutely! You can wear white jeans in winter, fall and all year long.  We have included several ways to style white jeans including with warm neutrals, a cozy sweater, an all white look, with statement jackets, with a sweater vest -pretty much with whatever you’d like.

Can you wear white jeans in October?

Is October fall? I kid, I kid. Seriously, though grab your pumpkin spice latte and rock those white jeans!  There are two things I think of when I think of October. Halloween and Football. I recently wore white jeans to a football game and styled with layers including a flannel shirt and a denim jacket for a super cute look.

This post was all about how to wear white jeans in winter, fall and all year long.  We also chat about 3 styles of jeans you’ll constantly reach for & a few things to consider with your white jeans like underwear, how to spot treat your denim when you have a stain and the importance of pocket placement. 


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