How to wear pearls with jeans and totally rock the trend like Sarah Jessica Parker

Hey girl! Want to know how to wear pearls with jeans fashionably like your favorite celebrity? We are going to share exactly how to rock those pearls with confidence in style and add a touch of class to your next denim outfit!
How to wear pearls with jeans

Pearls are having a major moment right now, and there’s no better way to wear them than with jeans! Although jeans and pearls might sound like a mismatched combo, trust us: it’s a fun trend that is totally worth trying! If sex and the city taught us anything it’s that Sarah Jessica Parker is always one step ahead of the latest fashion trends, and she recently rocked the jeans and pearls look. Want to learn the best ways how to do it yourself? Just keep reading! This post is all about how to wear pearls with jeans!

How do you wear jeans with pearls?

  1. A single strand over an understated shirt like a t-shirt is classic, clean and fresh. Any pair of jeans will look great – you could add a pair of skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, or a pair of on-trend boot-cut jeans. If you prefer your pearls to lean on the formal side, opt for black pearls with jeans and a more casual top like a simple T-shirt. If you prefer your pearl strands to be on the dressier side of things, choose light pink or grey pearls to dress up any denim outfit!  I am OBSESSED with this black baroque freshwater cultured pearl necklace.  OBSESSED.
  2. Wearing pearls with a casual shirt and jean shorts is even perfect for the summertime! Just grab a pair of white sneakers and you’re all set! If you’re going to pull off this look, choose pieces wisely. You want them to be easy to mix and match, versatile enough that you can dress them up or down depending on if you’re heading to an event or just running errands around town. Pearls are so versatile, you could choose a long pearl necklace, a small pearl necklace or even larger pearls would pair well for a casual look!  This vintage mixed metal chunky link necklace is so trendy and a budget find!
  3. A dangle drop pearl earrings like the picture below, or studs can take the place of pearls to make your outfit less formal but still be on-trend with the pearls!How to wear pearls with jeans

How can I wear pearls without looking old-fashioned?

  1. If you’re going to pull off this look, choose pieces wisely. You want them to be versatile enough that you can dress them up or down depending on the circumstances, and of course – timeless!
  2. Grab pearls with color like black pearls to give your outfit some edge. As we mentioned above, grey or pink pearls like this single strand are a great choice too for an unexpected modern twist.
  3. Mix and match! Adding two different colored strands makes for a super interesting look.  We LOVE this long layered imitation pearl necklace with different colored flowers.  So cute!  But, if you’re going for a more classic look, stick with white pearls.
  4. When in doubt, choose one strand over a basic top like a t-shirt for a classic, casual look. If your outfit is more colorful like a sundress or patterned or textured top, you choose a single strand pearl necklace instead of a double strand so you’re not too over the top!

How do you wear pearls casually?

  1. Choose a double strand of pearls that are slightly shorter or are more casual to make your outfit feel less stuffy!
  2. Try a necklace that isn’t entirely made up of pearls. For example, I wore a layered gold necklace that was three different lengths and the second chain had one baroque pearl and it was a statement piece that made the outfit!how to wear pearls with jeans

How to wear pearls every day?

  1. Combine a casual outfit with a pearl necklace, for example black jeans and a plain white t-shirt and a leather jacket or boyfriend jeans with a sweater and ankle boots. Wear a simple top to make your pearls the focus of the outfit!
  2. Wear different pearl jewelry. You could choose a pearl bracelet, a pair of pearl earrings or pearl studs even a pearl ring. Choose a variety of pearls and make it your own unique style for your everyday wear.How to wear pearls with jeans

When should you not wear pearls?

  1. We wouldn’t recommend wearing pearls when exercising. I think you can get away with wearing necklaces like simple gold or silver chains when working out, but pearls probably would be bulky. And, any can of impact or up and down movement could cause them to hit your collar bone and probably not feel too good.
  2. When swimming! We’d also suggest leaving the pearls at home when going to the pool or the beach. Personally, I haven’t worn them in either scenario, but I am not sure how they’d feel in the water. Also, who wants to get sunscreen all over their beautiful pearls???
  3. Never sleep in your pearls! Not only will they leave indentation marks in your skin, but they can also get caught in your hair and that can’t be fun to wake up to! Youknowwhatimean?

FAQs: How to wear pearls with jeans?

  1. You really can wear any type of pearls with jeans. Long necklaces are great, stacking a princess length pearl necklace with gold or silver longer necklaces are a perfect modern look and way to accessorize casual clothes and look so chic!  This layered necklace is one of our favorites and can be worn
  2. Add pearls to your hair! Hair clips are a great idea and a new way to capture the trend and pair with your favorite jeans effortlessly. Take a look blow at the knot headband with pearls on it that I wore with a sweater and jeans! It was a simple way to use today’s pearls and pull off a fashionable look (and, an added bonus, you don’t have to do too much to your hair!) Talk about a win-win.????
  3. Choose jewelry that is not a necklace. Pearls are such a popular trend right now, you can pull off a relaxed look that still has a wow factor a variety of ways, not just a single strand of pearls. You can choose any different types of pearls such as earrings, bracelets or even a ring!

how to wear pearls with jeans

What outfits look good with pearls in 2022?

  1. Obviously, casual wear -jeans and pearls. We’ve discussed so many different ways to take a simple outfit and class it up with pearls.
  2. The more traditional way is a cocktail dress or a little black dress. You could add a strand of freshwater pearls or a simple pearl pendant and accessorize your dress to perfection.
  3. A business suit. A good idea would be to add a classic strand of pearls to your suit for a classy look.

So there you have it peeps, several different ways to wear pearls with jeans and look fabulous. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or just running errands, these looks will help you feel confident and stylish. We’d love to hear about your favorite way to mix these two pieces together? Let us know and share your thoughts, and tips in the comments below. This post is all about how to wear pearls with jeans.

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