How to wear faux leather leggings over 40 and look instantly chic

There are so many ways how to wear faux leather leggings and it doesn’t matter if you’re 20,30,40 or 60; they add instant style to any outfit! Faux leather leggings are definitely one wardrobe staple that isn’t going anywhere! They have been trending for years now and continue to be very popular among the fashionistas. If you’re over 40 and don’t think you can style them or wear them, we are going to change that by suggesting different ways and easy outfit ideas so by the end of this blog post you’ll be ready to grab those faux-leather leggings and wear them over and over again! This post is all about how to wear faux leather leggings over 40 and look instantly chic!How to wear faux leather leggings

Are faux leather leggings still in style?

Umm, 1000% yes. Look at any celebrity and you’ll see them wearing a pair of faux leather leggings either dressed up or super casual. You seriously can swap your skinny jeans for faux leather leggings. And, they are so comfortable, cover all the lumps and bumps and cellulite and give your booty shape -at least a good pair does. My favorite two pairs are Spanx Moto leggings or comamando leggings. Both are oh so comfortable and conceal the lumps and bumps! And, somehow they make your bootie look fabulous!

I lurrrvvvee the moto look, and wear spanx moto leggings all the time.

spanx moto leggings




Commando leggings

Spanx or cammando leggings. You can’t go wrong with either.

However, if you want a less expensive but still really great pair,these have SO MANY 5 star reviews  for a fraction of the price.

So may good reviews

How to wear faux leather leggings:

1. Add a denim jacket

I don’t think denim jackets will ever go out of style. Seriously, it’s a fashion trend that is here to stay. You can see how I styled my spanx faux leather leggings with a denim jacket here. I styled with a tank top and a pair of black heels to dress it up a bit, but you could pair with  And, denim jackets are such a great layering piece because you can wear them when it’s cool in the morning and then when it gets warmer in the afternoon, you always can take your denim jacket off and tie it around your waist and it’s instantly a cute look.

How do you style fake leather leggings

2. Grab a chunky knit sweater or an oversized sweater

When you are wearing faux leather leggings, you cannot go wrong with a chunky knit sweater or an over sized sweater. You might be wondering if this style will swallow you and make you look like a beached whale? ???? I promise, you will not. This is because the leggings are very fitted on the bottom of your outfit so you can balance the look with an over-sized sweater on top. Add a pair of knee boots and you have a super cute outfit for date night! Or, if you want a more casual look you can grab a pair of white sneakers!


3. Style with Combat boots

Combat boots are super popular right now and very on-trend. You can easily add those over your faux leather leggings for a great option. Add a white tee or even a graphic tee and BAM! You immediately have a cool, edgy look.

What do you wear with faux leather pants


4. Be ready for compliments if you choose a shacket and leather boots

First, let’s chat about what a shacket is…it’s basically a button-down shirt that’s a heavier weight kind. This was one of my favorite looks I recently wore when running errands on a really cold day. I grabbed a pair of black warm leather boots, some faux leather leggings, a long shirt in the form of a shacket. And, under this this adorable shacket  I added a long sleeve body suit. I got tons of compliments and I stayed comfortable and warm!

ow do you style faux leather leggings over 40


5. You can’t go wrong with a long flannel shirt over your faux leather leggings

This is a super easy outfit you can put together for cold days with items you most likely already have in your closet. Grab a relaxed fit or oversized flannel shirt, a casual white t-shirt and some white sneakers. You don’t even have to fix your hair if you add a ball cap. It doesn’t get easier (or cuter) than that. Perfect for a day of running errands or running the kids to school.

How to wear faux leather leggings to work

A perfect way to wear black faux leather leggings to work is to add a blazer over a long tunic shirt. Talk about stylish and chic! Then you can finish off the look with some hoop earrings. The perfect foot wear for this look would be a pair of high heels or ankle boots.

How to wear faux leather leggings to work

How to wear faux leather leggings in the summer

A super easy way to put a leather leggings outfits in the summer would be just add a basic tee and some sandals. You could wear this look on a night out in the summer and if you wanted an elevated look, just add strappy sandals or a pair of heels.

FAQs: How to wear leather leggings over 40?

I have fabulous news friends! It doesn’t matter your age, any of the style suggestions are a great way to swear your faux leather leggings. You can pair them with:

  • a denim jacket
  • a leather jacket
  • an oversize sweater
  • a chunky knit sweater
  • a shacket
  • a flannel shirt

If you are worried about your ????showing, just make sure you have a shirt that is long such as a tunic sweater, long cardigan sweater or an over-sized, relaxed style tunic shirt or sweater.  If you a worried a relaxed shirt will make you look “frumpy,” add a belt to give the illusion of a waist and not just one long shirt!

How do you wear faux leather leggings over 50?

It’s simple! Just pair with any of the following clothing items and you are good to go! Again, I promise you, age is nothing but a number friend! If you want to look stylish and feel fabulous, grab your faux leather pants and put them on. You can pair them with almost anything, it doesn’t matter your body type or age! Some of the easiest ways to style black leggings would be with:

  • A sweater ( a long, oversized sweater to cover your booty if you’d like)
  • A jacket (denim never goes out of style no matter what your age)
  • An oversized blazer (blazers add instant class, sophistication and a feminine touch)

There you have it my fellow fashionistas. Grab those faux leather leggings and start 2022 off in style! You can wear those faux leather leggings so many different ways and totally rock the look. Every single one of these suggestions works if you are 20 or if you’re 60. So go on with your confident self and your faux leather leggings and say “HELLO WORLD, look at me!” This post is all about how to wear faux leather leggings over 40 and look instantly chic!

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