How to wear a sequin dress and what shoes pair best

Okay friends finally… it’s holiday party season.  And nothing is more appropriate than a sequin dress. But, how do you wear a sequin dress and not look like the mirror ball trophy? ????.  I know! And, even if you know how to wear a sequin dress, what shoes pair best with it?  Great news for y’all, there are so many choices.  Sequin dresses come in so many options, mini, one shoulder, below the knee, long sleeve..hahah you get my point.  And you can pair almost any shoes you’d like with it. Heels are always a perfect choice.  

And this post is perfect timing as it’s holiday party season! It’s that time of year when we are all ready to sparkle and shine! And, what better way to do that than wearing sequin dresses? Sequin dresses are wonderful outfit ideas for special occasions to really make a statement. This post is all about how to wear a sequin dress. 

Are sequin dresses tacky?

Ha! I get it. ???? But, I promise they are not. You can truly never have too much sparkle, right?  Seriously though, if they were, you would not see them in the retail stores or on-line. And, I promise if you type in holiday dresses to any search, you will be presented with lots of sequin dresses that are included in holiday or special occasion dresses. So, the answer is nope, sequin dresses are not tacky.

What are some sequin outfits for holiday events?

A sequin skirt is a great way to dip your toe into some sparkle!

A great way to start wearing sequins would be to find a sequin skirt. You could pair it with a non-sequin top for your next formal event and you’d have a stylish look for sure.
Staying in the skirt category another idea would be grabbing a sequined pencil skirts and pairing it with a shirt with high necklines.

You can never go wrong with a black sequin dress!

That’s right! Black is one of the best ways to wear sequins. Black is always appropriate for a formal event, I mean when you think of dressy attire, surely a little black dress comes to mind, right?

What are the best color shoes to pair with a black sequined dress?

Did you know that black is often considered a neutral color, so honestly you can pair almost any color shoe with a black sequin dress.

    • You can never go wrong with gold shoes and black sequins!


What are some casual ways to wear a sequin dress?

One of the easiest ways to dress down sequined dresses is to add a jacket. You could wear a sequined dress with a leather jacket, or a denim jacket, even a cropped jacket. If you dress down the look with one of the jackets, you can still wear a pair of heels and the look stays casual. Try a pair of white heels or for a fun pop of color pink heels! How chic!

How can you wear a sequined top casually and what shoes are best for this look?

One of the easiest ways to casually wear sequins is pair a sequin top like this one under $30.00 with boyfriend jeans and a pair of sneakers. This would be a perfect match and wonderful to wear in during the day!

Another way to wear sequins casually would be to would be a pair of black sequined pants and a black blazer with a graphic tee. I’d probably wear heels or strappy sandals with this look, but it still is casual and perfect for daytime because of the graphic tee.

Could you wear sequins to the office for day and transition to a dressy look for night?

Sure you could. An easy way to make this look work would be a sequin top with a higher neckline and then add a jacket or a blazer with it. You could wear it with pants or jeans during the day and then if you want to go from day to night, add a pair of heels and viola, you have a perfect look for a night on the town! 😉

What are the right accessories for a sequin dress?

So you already have a lot of sparkles with your dress and you want some easy ways to accessorize. The first thing to do would be add a clutch. A sequined clutch is a great choice for holiday parties! Another way to accessorize is with earrings. I would recommend simple designs when it comes to earrings like some simple studs. You could add some hoops, just make sure they don’t overwhelm the look of your outfit.

3 sequin dress ideas for New Year’s Eve?

NE is one of the most fun times to sparkle and shine! There are so many great choices when it comes to a sequin party dress .

  • Wearing a gold sequin dress is always a great choice! I mean NYE is filled with disco balls, dancing and fun times. Gold is definitely appropriate!
  • A high waisted sequin skirt with a crop top for a showing a little skin but not too much skin is a great look for a NYE holiday party!
  • If the ball drops at midnight and it’s color is silver, then a silver sequin dress is one of the easiest ways to wear sequins on NYE!

FAQs: Are sequin dresses in style in 2021?

1000% yes. Especially during the holiday season.  Go inside to any retail store, or search on-line ‘sequin dresses’ and you will see so many options.  There are tons of super cute super stylish ways to wear sequins this year, from a super chic look for a holiday party to a way more casual look.  You can even wear sequins with jeans and sneakers during the day!  Sequins are more chic than ever, so grab yourself a sequined piece of clothing and jump on this trend that isn’t going anywhere!

What’s the best hairstyle for a sequin dress?

That depends on your event! If you’re at a formal event, you might want to wear your hair up in a sleek pony-tail or bun.  If you’re looking for a daytime more casual look, you could wear a messy ponytail or even wear it down.  If you’re headed to a holiday party or cocktail party, I’d add some curls and for a little extra pizzaz! Check out the images in this post and you’ll see several options.

How do you wear a sequin top?

Ahh, the possibilities are endless.  If you are looking for a causal look, add some jeans and some white sneakers.  If you want a more glam look, add some wide-leg dress pants and heels.  You really can’t go wrong either way!

There you have it my friends.  Easy ways to wear a sequined dress and several shoe options to pair with your sequins.  The sequin look isn’t going anywhere for now, so let’s embrace it, and bring out our sparkle and shine! This post was all about how to wear a sequin dress. 

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